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August SRD R350 Grant 2023 Payment Dates



August SRD R350 Grant 2023 Payment Dates

August SRD R350 Grant July 2023 Payment Dates.The South African government has introduced a COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to assist individuals struggling financially due to the pandemic. To eligible applicants, the grant is paid in monthly installments of R350. However, the grant payment schedule is divided into batches, with each batch being paid out on a specific date.

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August SRD R350 Grant 2023 Payment Dates

If you have been approved for the COVID-19 SRD R350 grant but have not yet received your payment dates for August 2023, we have good news for you. Check your payment Sassa Status Check How To Check Your August 2023 Sassa Grant Status .

Check Sassa Grant Payment Dates For August 2023

The following table outlines the SASSA grant payment dates for August 2023

Old Age Pension Grant 2 August 2023
Disability Grants 3 August 2023
Child Support Grant and More 4 August 2023

These are proposed payment dates, and the actual date of payment in August differs slightly. To confirm the actual payment date, applicants are advised to check their application status online.

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SASSA SRD August Payment Collection

If you don’t have any banking details, individuals can collect your grant cash from the Post Office branches (SAPO/Post Bank), Pick-N-Pay, or Boxer stores. Or alternatively a Bank Mobile Money Transfer (cash send option).

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