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Your New Mexico Tax Rebate How to Claim Your $1,000 Check



Your New Mexico Tax Rebate How to Claim Your $1,000 Check

How to Secure Your New Mexico Tax Rebate

Your New Mexico Tax Rebate How to Claim Your $1,000 Check. If you’re a resident of New Mexico and haven’t yet received your $1,000 tax rebate check, there’s no need to worry. You still have the opportunity to claim it. Here’s what you need to know about the New Mexico tax rebate and how to secure it.

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Background on the $1,000 Tax Rebate

Many New Mexico residents may have already received their tax rebate checks, which began distribution in June of this year. These rebates were automatically sent to individuals who filed their 2021 Personal Income Tax (PIT) returns. However, if you haven’t received your rebate check because you haven’t filed your PIT return, you can still claim it.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham approved this tax rebate to help residents cope with the impact of rising consumer prices. The surplus generated from high oil prices during the fiscal year enabled the state to redistribute funds to eligible residents.

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Qualification and Amount

New Mexico’s financial health is currently robust, and the rebate aims to benefit its families. Eligible residents who filed their 2021 PIT return will automatically receive the rebate. It’s important to note that recipients of the rebate must not have been claimed as dependents on another taxpayer’s return.

  • Single individuals (or married individuals filing separately) will receive $500.
  • Couples filing jointly (including heads of household and surviving spouses) will receive $1,000 in the form of a New Mexico tax rebate check.

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Claiming the Rebate

The distribution of rebate checks began in June, with direct deposits initiated in mid-June. Most eligible residents should have already received their rebate. If you meet the eligibility criteria but haven’t received your rebate, it’s likely due to your failure to file a PIT return. No need to worry, though; you can still claim the rebate by filing your PIT return by May 31, 2024.

Steps to Follow for Claiming the Rebate

Once you’ve filed your PIT return by May 31, 2024, you won’t need to take any additional action to secure your rebate. If you received your 2021 refund via direct deposit, your rebate will also be delivered through direct deposit. Those set to receive a physical check will have it mailed to them.

If you anticipate receiving a physical check but have changed your address recently, update your address promptly. You can do this by accessing your Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) account or submitting Form RPD-41260, the Personal Income Tax Change of Address Form, to the Taxation and Revenue Department.

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Important Note

For individuals whose banking information has changed since completing their 2021 Personal Income Tax return, there is no provision to update this information. Consequently, these taxpayers will receive a paper check in the mail. It’s worth noting that rebate funds may be applied exclusively toward any outstanding state taxes for the 2021 tax year.

For further details regarding the New Mexico tax rebate check, please visit the Taxation and Revenue Department’s website.

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