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Why Your SRD Grant Is Unpaid For Previous Months



Why Your SRD Grant Is Unpaid For Previous Months

Even though 2023 is well underway, Sassa still has responsibility for paying beneficiaries the R350 grant. A number of factors can delay the processing, however.  

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Why Your SRD Grant Is Unpaid For Previous Months

SRD grants are still an important source of income for over 10 million South Africans. There has been a long-standing backlog of SASSA grants that have not been paid since previous cycles.

While processing payments for the previous cycle, the agency built up a backlog of unpaid SRD grant recipients. When tracking the application statuses of impacted recipients, many appear as “Pending” despite being accepted several months before the current period.

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According to Sassa, this result comes from their efforts to keep up with the influx of new applications through their systems, which explains the approval of June applications.

Sassa evaluates each month separately, which means applicants won’t receive a single lump sum payment or a double payment. It is also stated that the agency hopes to send May payments by the end of August.

In the event that SRD grant beneficiaries choose to collect their grants through cash-send payments through banks such as ABSA, TYME BANK, NEDBANK, FNB or Standard Bank, the following numbers have been provided:

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To inquire about cash-send, please contact the following bank:

  • ABSA – 0800000122
  • TYME BANK – 0860 999 119
  • NEDBANK – 0800 555 111
  • FNB – 0875 759 405
  • Standard Bank – 0860 466 639
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If no payment dates are listed under the SRD application status, grant recipients with the cash send option are encouraged to enter their banking information instead. As a result of the unsuccessful mobile number verification, these recipients were not able to receive the cash-send option.

When they provide their banking information, they will be able to receive their SRD grant directly into their bank accounts. In order to avoid the agency depositing their grant into another person’s account, beneficiaries should not provide any other person’s banking information.

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It is necessary for applicants to provide their bank information on the SRD grant website in order to apply for the grant. is the online address for the SRD grant.

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