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Why Your SASSA Child Grant Not Paid 2023



Why Your SASSA Child Grant Not Paid 2023

You may not be receiving your SASSA money for a variety of reasons. Here are some possible reasons:.

Check your bank account balance if you are using a personal bank account if you receive SASSA regular grants such as Old Age, Child Support, Disability, etc.

Why Your SASSA Child Grant Not Paid 2023

  • Each individual recipient’s account must be credited by the various banks when SASSA pays the money.
  • You can contact your bank for clarification if your bank is experiencing delays.
  • You can confirm from SASSA through their Contact 0800601011 or by visiting a SASSA store if payments have already been issued.
  • You should ensure your card is in tact and that it has not been cloned or someone else has not accessed the pin if it is intact.
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  • The SASSA card can be used by fraudsters and thieves who are not aware of what they’re doing. Your pin number may even be known to people close to you.
  • The SASSA card must always be kept in a safe and secure place, and you may be required to withdraw money from the ATM yourself or through persons you can trust.
  • You should contact SASSA, the post office, or the police immediately if you suspect that your card has been compromised or stolen.
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For SRD R350 Grant

  • Verify your bank information and make sure it is not pending
  • The pay dates for that month have been approved.
  • You are able to use the phone number you used when applying.
  • When paying with a merchant rather than your bank, check to see if they accept your payment method.
  • The SMS notification may not always work, so don’t rely on it.
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  • Whenever you make a cash deposit, don’t always wait for an SMS alert.

Possibly these reasons are why most applicants haven’t received their grants yet or why the money hasn’t been received


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