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Which Seniors Cannot Receive Social Security Benefits in the US



Which Seniors Cannot Receive Social Security Benefits in the US

Which Seniors Cannot Receive Social Security Benefits in the US .Every month, the Social Security Administration disburses various types of payments, including benefits for retired workers, survivor benefits, and disability benefits. The category of disability benefits encompasses both Social Security Disability Insurance and the Supplemental Security Income program.

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Which Seniors Cannot Receive Social Security Benefits in the US

More than 70 million seniors receive some form of benefit from the Social Security Administration each month. However, it is important to note that the SSA has identified specific groups of individuals aged 60 and older who are ineligible to receive these benefits. In the following explanation, we will delve into the details of who these “never beneficiaries” are.

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Which seniors cannot receive Social Security benefits in the US?

Around 3.5% of people over 60 are classified as “never beneficiaries” by the Social Security Administration. These groups are not eligible for any of the benefits provided by the Social Security Administration:

Late-arriving immigrants

The group consists of immigrants over the age of 50 who do not have enough income to qualify for Social Security. SSA benefits are not available to 45.8% of people in this classification. In order to qualify for Social Security benefits, retirees must have 40 US work credits.

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Infrequent workers

Individuals who have insufficient income to qualify for Social Security, but are not late-arriving immigrants. SSA benefits are not available to 39.6% of these people.

Non-covered workers

Individuals working in jobs without Social Security coverage, but who have sufficient income, fall into this category. Employees of state and local governments are primarily included in this category, as they are covered by another retirement system. The number of people who cannot receive SSA benefits is 13.4%.

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Deceased before obtaining benefits

Individuals who are projected to be eligible for Social Security benefits but die before receiving them. Among those classified as “never beneficiaries”, this group represents 1.2%.

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