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Ways How Can Apply For Sassa Grant In 2023



Ways How Can Apply For Sassa Grant In 2023

In South Africa, social grants provide a lifeline to millions of people every month. The South African Social Security Agency distributes social grants in several ways.

Ways How Can Apply For Sassa Grant In 2023

In South Africa, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes more than 18 million permanent grants to vulnerable people. By receiving these grants, beneficiaries are able to purchase basic goods and necessities on a monthly basis.

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There are several permanent grants distributed by Sassa, including the Older Persons grant, the Disability grant, the War Veterans grant, the Foster Child grant, the Child Support grant, the Child Support Grant top-up, and the Grant-in-aid.

If you believe you are deserving of a Sassa grant, then you can begin your Sassa grant applications

Complete Ways How Can Apply For Sassa Grant In 2023

If you live near a Sassa office, you may be eligible to apply for one of its grants. Sassa has nine regional offices and 46 district offices nationwide to assist grant applicants.

Those who are too old or sick to travel to the office can instruct a friend or family member to apply on their behalf. A letter authorizing the grant application must be provided by you.

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There are several grants that can be applied for online. Online applications are available for Older Person grants, Child Support grants, and Foster Child grants through Sassa services.

As soon as your Sassa grant application is completed, you will receive a receipt or a reference number. Your receipt/reference is your only proof of application, so please keep it safe. Applying for a Sassa grant is completely free of charge. To apply for a grant, you do not have to pay anything.

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When Sassa approves your grant applications, you will be paid from the date you submit a complete application, unless you have applied for a foster child grant. From the date of the court order, foster child grants are paid.

In the event that your application is not approved by Sassa, you will be informed in writing as to why your application was not approved. You can appeal a decision if you disagree with it. You can appeal your Sassa grant by contacting the local office.

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