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Upcoming SRD Grant Payment Dates: Sassa Announces Schedule for Beneficiaries



Upcoming SRD Grant Payment Dates: Sassa Announces Schedule for Beneficiaries

Upcoming SRD Grant Payment Dates: Sassa Announces Schedule for Beneficiaries. Currently, over 7 million South Africans are benefiting from the R350 grant. To help these grant beneficiaries know when they will receive their grant money, Sassa has made a significant announcement regarding payment dates. check your application status Now

Fixed Payment Schedule for Permanent Grants

While permanent grants from Sassa have a set payment schedule, the R350 grant usually does not. However, Sassa has decided to establish specific dates for the SRD grant to inform recipients when their grant money will be available for collection.

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Distribution During Last Week of the Month

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has stated that the SRD grant will be distributed during the last week of the month. For example, September SRD grants will be received during the last week of August.

Payment Dates for the Remainder of the Financial Year

Here are the SRD payment dates for the remainder of the financial year:

  • August 2023: 25 August – 31 August
  • September 2023: 22 September – 29 September
  • October 2023: 25 October – 31 October
  • November 2023: 24 November – 30 November
  • December 2023: 18 December – 22 December
  • January 2024: 25 January – 31 January
  • February 2024: 23 February – 29 February
  • March 2024: 25 March – 29 March
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Checking Payment Status and Processing Time

During the payment week, Sassa encourages beneficiaries to check their Sassa status on the SRD website to find out the exact date their grant payment will reflect in their bank accounts. The Agency reminds recipients that it takes 2-3 working days for funds to appear in their accounts after processing.

The SRD Grant and Its Benefits

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, also known as the R350 grant, has been a lifeline for many South African beneficiaries, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially introduced as temporary relief for those who lost jobs due to the pandemic, the grant has been extended due to its effectiveness.

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Payment Options for Grant Collection

Beneficiaries of the R350 grant have several options for collecting their money:

  • Bank Account: Receive the grant payment directly into your bank account for immediate access.
  • Cash Send: If you don’t have a bank account, use CashSend with your ID number and phone number.
  • Retail Stores: Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, and Boxer stores offer grant payment collection.

No Need to Reapply

Successful R350 grant applicants do not need to reapply for the grant. However, Sassa will verify eligibility every month. Beneficiaries must visit the Sassa website every three months to answer questions and ensure continued qualification for the grant. If eligibility criteria are met, beneficiaries will continue receiving the grant until its conclusion.

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Sassa’s announcement of fixed payment dates for the SRD grant provides much-needed clarity and certainty for beneficiaries. The scheduled distribution during the last week of each month, along with various collection options, ensures that recipients can access their grant money efficiently. The SRD grant continues to be a vital resource for South African citizens, offering financial assistance during challenging times.

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