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UN Urges Immediate Increase in SASSA Child Support Grants



UN Urges Immediate Increase in SASSA Child Support Grants

UN Urges Immediate Increase in SASSA Child Support Grants. South Africa is grappling with an alarming cost-of-living crisis that demands immediate attention. A newly released report, endorsed by the United Nations (UN), emphatically advocates for a substantial increase in SASSA Child Support Grants, warning that failure to do so will plunge recipients below the food poverty line.

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Key Findings by UCT Children Institute

The report, conducted by the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town and commissioned by the National Department of Social Development, has unveiled critical findings. Despite a recent increase in SASSA grants effective from October 1, 2023, the current amount of R510 per child per month is deemed grossly insufficient.

The Plight of Vulnerable Children

Currently, 13 million children rely on SASSA Child Support Grants for their basic needs. Shockingly, 7 million of these children live below the food poverty line, which stands at R663 per person per month. Additionally, one-third of these children reside in households where the adult and/or caregiver is unemployed, exacerbating their vulnerability.

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A Call for Urgent Action

The report’s resounding recommendation is clear: the government must promptly increase SASSA Child Support Grants. The existing grant falls woefully short in shielding the most underprivileged children from hunger and malnutrition. A staggering 27% of all children under five years of age currently suffer from these conditions.

Dire Consequences of Inaction

The report underscores the potential dire consequences should the government fail to provide an adequate increase in SASSA grants. If the grant only increases in line with inflation, child poverty is expected to escalate. Furthermore, legal action may be pursued against the government for failing in its constitutional duty to meet children’s basic needs.

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Global Support for Change

It’s crucial to highlight that the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is in alignment with the proposed increase in SASSA Child Support Grants.

Have Your Say

The question that remains is whether there should be an increase in SASSA Child Support Grants. We encourage you to share your thoughts and insights in the comments section below. Stay informed by following us on Twitter @TheSANews and on Facebook at The South African for the latest updates on this pressing issue.

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