Tracking Your May 2023 SRD Grant Application

Tracking Your May 2023 SRD Grant Application

Sassa is a South African government agency that administers social grants to eligible individuals. The agency provides financial assistance to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, disabled, and children in need. Sassa manages various grants including the old age pension, disability grant, child support grant, foster care grant, and social relief of distress grant (SRD), which is also known as the R350 grant.

Millions of unemployed South Africans receive the R350 SRD grant each month, which is available in May. If you want to check if you qualify for the grant, here’s how to do it:

Tracking Your May 2023 SRD Grant Application

Grant recipients have the option of collecting their R350 grant payment from various supermarkets such as Shoprite, Checkers, U-Save, Pick ‘n Pay, and Boxer stores, or through their personal bank accounts.

Every month, the R350 SRD grant applications are treated as new applications. To be considered for the grant each month, applicants only need to apply once. Applicants can track their application status to know if they have been approved for the grant.

However, the status of the application may sometimes be unavailable due to the processing of millions of applications. In such cases, applicants should keep checking their status on the SRD website. If the application is rejected, an applicant can appeal the decision through the website.

Here’s how to check your R350 grant application status:

  • Visit the Sassa SRD grant website
  • Scroll down to find “Application status.”
  • Click on “Check online” and fill out all the required fields.
  • Your R350 grant application status will now be visible.
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Alternatively, you can check your grant status on the phone by calling 0800 60 10 11 and following the prompts. You can also check your grant status on WhatsApp by adding 082 046 8553 to your contacts and sending a message to that number. Follow the instructions to check your grant status.

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