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Stimulus Checks | Stimulus Check Status and Eligibility

State Stimulus Checks Are Still Being Sent Out by These States



State Stimulus Checks Are Still Being Sent Out by These States

State Stimulus Checks Are Still Being Sent Out by These States.Stimulus checks gained immense popularity in 2020 as the pandemic wreaked havoc on jobs and strained American households’ financial stability. Even though the bulk of pandemic-related aid has waned, a few states are persisting in delivering stimulus-like payments.

Resilient Relief: States Deploying Stimulus-Style Payments

In many instances, these payments take the form of property or income tax rebates. A couple of standout states, such as New Mexico and Montana, have leveraged their financial surplus, acquired from substantial pandemic relief funds, to issue these rebates. Montana registered a remarkable $1.9 billion surplus in the fiscal year 2022, while New Mexico’s surplus has soared to an impressive $3.6 billion, as reported by the Associated Press.

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Noteworthy States Still Offering Stimulus-Style Aid

Here are five states where residents are potentially eligible to receive stimulus-style payments:

  1. Idaho
  2. Illinois
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Montana
  5. New Mexico
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Certainly, here’s the information presented in a tabular format:

State Type of Rebate Maximum Amount Eligibility Criteria Application/Tracking Info
Idaho Special Session Rebate $300 – $600 Residents who lived in Idaho throughout 2020 and 2021 Track payment at
Illinois Income & Property Tax $300 – $300 Six million residents; various amounts based on filing status and dependents Payments ongoing; no tracking info provided
Massachusetts Tax Rebate Up to 13% of 2021 Roughly three million taxpayers; based on a percentage of 2021 state income Payments started in October; file 2021 state taxes by Sept 15
Montana Property Tax Rebate Up to $1,350 Lived in/owned Montana residence for at least 7 months in the prior year; paid property taxes on that residence Apply from Aug 15 through; file claims by Oct 1
New Mexico Economic Relief & Income Tax $500 – $1,000 26,000 low-income residents received economic relief; Income tax rebates for almost 1 million 2021 tax filers Economic relief payments issued; Income tax rebates issued; file by May 31


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Please note that specific eligibility criteria and application details should be verified through the respective state’s official sources before taking any action.

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