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Srd Sassa Gov Za Reconsideration Appeal Application April 2023



Srd Sassa Gov Za Reconsideration Appeal Application April 2023

SASSA has apologized for the delay in processing reconsideration or appeal applications for the SRD SASSA government.Affected applicants have been declined and have submitted their appeal for more than three to five months now. Poor and vulnerable people with no income were supposed to benefit from the grant.

Srd Sassa Gov Za Reconsideration Appeal Application April 2023

A recent media statement explained why the appeals had been delayed unduly.In the past year, it took more than 8 months for appealed applications to be processed, and many of them had forgotten about them by the time they were approved. The SASSA then brought a long list of outstanding recipients and the last day for the collection was 30th November 2021.

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You can submit your reconsideration application through the same website as for whatever reason your application was rejected or declined. People who want to appeal starting from April 2022 to March 2023 should use this new link:

Choose the “reconsideration reason” that matches the “decline reason” by entering your ID number and phone number.

Uif Registered

For example, if you are declined for “uif registered”, choose “no uif registered” as “reconsideration reason”. Similarly, if you are declined for “Alternative Income Source Identified”, choose “No alternative income source”.

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Identity Verification Failed

Nevertheless, if you are declined for “identity verification failed”, please use the module “Update Full Name and Surname” on the official website of the SRD R350. You don’t need to use the reconsideration module in this case.

Unless you pay off the debt, you cannot apply for reconsideration if your reason for decline was debtor. As defined by SASSA, a debtor is an applicant who received grants in the previous R350, but was not eligible for payments due to inefficiency in SASSA’s system.

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Many applicants have complained about SASSA’s delay in responding to reconsiderations, but it appears SASSA is not actually doing anything about it

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