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Some Changes In Old Age Pension Grant Payments Dates July 2023



Some Changes In Old Age Pension Grant Payments Dates July 2023

SASSA’s Old Age Grant is an important source of income for many elderly South Africans. Financial assistance is provided to those who are no longer able to work and helps cover the cost of basic necessities. SASSA Old Age Grant payments will be made in July 2023, as we will discuss in this blog post.

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Some Changes In Old Age Pension Grant Payments Dates July 2023

In July 2023, the SASSA Old Age Grant is scheduled to be paid on 04 July 2023. To avoid any delays in the payment process, grant recipients are advised to keep their banking information up-to-date. Since the grant money will always be available, it is not necessary to hurry to collect it on the stipulated date.

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The following are the payment dates for those who receive other grants, such as the Child Support Grant or the Disability Grant, in July 2023

  • Older Persons Grants: 04 July 2023
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Furthermore, grant recipients are reminded that the money will always be available, so there is no need to rush for their collection on the stipulated date.Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need about SASSA’s Old Age Grant payment date for July 2023. To avoid any payment delays, we encourage recipients to ensure that their banking information is up-to-date. Your grant money will always be available, so don’t rush to collect it.

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SASSA SRD payments collection

SASSA payments can be collected through various methods, depending on the preferences and circumstances of the grant recipients. Here are the common methods for collecting SASSA payments:

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  • Bank Account
  • SASSA Payment Card
  • SASSA Pay Points
  • South African Post Office (Post Office branches)

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