Social Support Grants for School Learners Above 18

Social Support Grants for School Learners Above 18

Social Support Grants for School Learners Above 18.  Millions of individuals are currently benefiting from social support grants provided by Sassa. Contrary to the expectation that Child Support grants primarily aid school-aged children, recent data reveals a significant number of individuals aged 18 and above, currently enrolled in high schools nationwide, are recipients of these grants.

Social Support Grants for School Learners Above 18

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is extending social grant payments to a substantial number of individuals aged 18 and above who are actively enrolled in high schools across the country.

Data on Beneficiaries

Data released by the Social Development Minister highlights that over 110,000 individuals above the age of 18 are currently benefiting from these social support grants. In the year 2022 alone, 112,545 learners over 18 were reported to be receiving the grant.

Regional Breakdown of Beneficiaries

The data provided by the Social Development Department outlines the distribution of individuals over 18 receiving social grants according to provinces and school grades.

Province Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
EC 834 3,018 4,552 6,063
FS 370 2,023 1,973 2,764
GT 76 636 914 1,563
KZN 1,420 7,225 12,321 12,655
LP 677 3,330 4,539 7,074
MP 607 2,785 4,443 5,817
NC 97 810 809 1,120
NW 355 1,978 2,175 2,905
WC 205 2,462 4,318 7,632
Grand Total 4,641 24,267 36,044 47,593

Child Support Grant Eligibility Criteria

The Child Support Grant is designed to support lower-income households in meeting the basic needs of their children. It is not a replacement for other income sources but aims to bridge the financial gap associated with child-rearing costs.

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Qualification Criteria

To qualify for the Child Support Grant (CSG), the primary caregiver must be a South African citizen or have permanent residency. The annual income should not exceed R52,800 for single individuals or R105,600 for married couples. Children under 18 living with the primary caregiver, who is not paid for caregiving, are eligible.

Payment Details

Sassa currently pays R510 per month to grant recipients, a sum subject to across-the-board increases for Sassa grants.

Conditions for Grant Cessation

Sassa will cease Child Support Grant payments under various circumstances, including the child’s death, reaching 18 years of age without a claim, and the child’s absence from the country or admission to a state institution.

School Attendance Requirement

For children of school-going age, continued grant payment is contingent on regular school attendance and the submission of proof. Failure to produce a school attendance certificate or attend school, however, does not result in the refusal to pay the Child Support Grant, as clarified by Sassa.

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