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Sassa Resumes Publishing R350 Grant Payment Dates in Response to Concerns



Sassa Resumes Publishing R350 Grant Payment Dates in Response to Concerns

Sassa Resumes Publishing R350 Grant Payment Dates in Response to Concerns. The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has taken action to address recent concerns regarding delayed grant payments. The agency has announced its decision to recommence the publication of the grant payment schedule for the R350 grant, along with measures to tackle payment delays. Check  Your Application Now

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Monthly Publication of R350 Grant Payment Dates

Responding to reports of payment delays affecting beneficiaries, Sassa has made the determination to release the R350 grant payment dates on a monthly basis. This strategic move follows instances where beneficiaries encountered delays in receiving their grant payments, prompting Sassa to address the issue and provide greater clarity regarding payment timelines.

Causes of Delay and Technical Resolutions

Paseka Letsatsi, the spokesperson for Sassa, attributed the grant payment delays to a backlog stemming from a technical glitch within the agency’s online system. Letsatsi clarified that the customary payment date of the 25th had passed without payments being processed due to this glitch.

Although the technical issue has since been resolved, Sassa’s verification process contributed to the prolonged delay. This process aims to ensure that applicants maintain their eligibility for the R350 grant.

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Renewed Transparency

Sassa has taken strides to improve transparency and address the situation by announcing its renewed commitment to publishing the payment schedule for the R350 grant. This schedule will be available on Sassa’s online platforms, including its official social media channels. Starting from August 2023, beneficiaries will have access to the schedule, enabling them to anticipate when their grant payments will undergo processing.

August 2023 Payment Processing Timeline

The agency’s recent announcement provides clarity on the processing timeline for the August 2023 R350 grant payments. These payments will be processed between August 25 and August 31, 2023. It’s important to note that unlike fixed-date permanent social grants, the payment dates for the R350 grant can vary due to the verification process and other relevant factors.

Beneficiaries are advised to track the progress of their applications through Sassa’s official website. Additionally, it’s worth noting that after processing, grant payments may take approximately two to three days to reflect in beneficiaries’ accounts.

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Collection Methods for R350 Grant Payments

Sassa offers several options for beneficiaries to receive their R350 grant payments, including:

  1. Bank Account: Beneficiaries can choose to have their grant payments deposited directly into their bank accounts, ensuring swift access to the funds.
  2. Cash Send: For those without a personal bank account, the Cash Send payment option is available. This method requires a registered cellphone number and valid identification for successful grant collection.
  3. Retail Stores: Retail chains such as Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, and Boxer stores facilitate grant payments. Beneficiaries are not required to reapply for the grant each month, but Sassa will periodically verify their eligibility.
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As Sassa works to rectify payment delays and enhance communication, beneficiaries are strongly encouraged to remain informed through official channels and to select the most suitable payment method to meet their needs.

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