SASSA Payments Scheduled For This Week

SASSA Payments Scheduled For This Week

SASSA Payments Scheduled For This Week. SASSA has recently announced the payment dates for December, and beneficiaries can expect timely disbursements throughout the month. Here’s a breakdown of the payments slated for this week.

Payment Methods and Collection Points

Beneficiaries have multiple options for receiving their SASSA payments. Selected supermarkets such as Pick n Pay, Boxer, USave merchants, Checkers, and Shoprite facilitate payment collection. The funds can be accessed through various channels, including the SASSA card, CashSend, or direct bank transfers.

December Payment Schedule

If you or someone you know is a beneficiary, it’s crucial to be aware of the specific grant payment dates:

  • Disability Grant: Monday, 4 December
  • All Other Grants: Tuesday, 6 December

Persons with disabilities will be the first to receive payments this week, with their disbursements scheduled for Monday.

Post-Disbursement Information

Following the priority payments, Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant recipients and other beneficiaries can collect their payments. South African Post Office branches remain available for payment collection, excluding SRD recipients. Importantly, beneficiaries are not obliged to withdraw the funds immediately; the money will remain in their accounts until they decide to make a withdrawal.

Extended Validity of SASSA Gold Cards

In a reassuring update, Postbank has confirmed that SASSA gold cards will remain operational beyond December 2023. Despite the initial expiration date, millions of SASSA grant beneficiaries can continue securely collecting their grants using the same cards. This information comes directly from Dr. Bongani Diako, a spokesperson for Postbank.

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