SASSA Grants: How To Deal With Unauthorized Deductions

SASSA Grants: How To Deal With Unauthorized Deductions

SASSA Grants: How To Deal With Unauthorized Deductions. Millions of individuals depend on monthly social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) for their survival. If you find that your grant is being deducted without authorization, taking prompt action by lodging a dispute with Sassa is crucial.

Understanding Sassa Grants

Sassa plays a pivotal role in distributing over 19 million grants monthly, catering to various needs such as Older Persons pension grants, Disability grants, War Veterans grants, Care Dependency grants, Foster Child grants, Child Support grants, Child Support grant Top-Up, and Grant-in-aid.

The Impact of Unauthorised Deductions

While these grants significantly impact the lives of beneficiaries, any unauthorized deductions pose severe consequences. Beneficiaries heavily rely on every cent received from the South African government, making it imperative to address and rectify any unapproved deductions promptly.

How to Lodge a Sassa Dispute

In response to unauthorized deductions, Sassa provides beneficiaries with a comprehensive guide on lodging a dispute. Follow these steps:

Send an SMS to 34548

  1. At the top of the SMS, enter ‘Topic: Dispute’
  2. Under that, type ‘ID Number:’ and then add your ID number
  3. Under that, type ‘Name and surname:’ and then add your name and surname as they appear on your ID
  4. Under that, type ‘FSP Name:’ and then add the company you are lodging a dispute against
  5. Under that, type ‘Duration of the policy:’ and then add how long the policy has been deducting
  6. Under that, type ‘Reason for dispute:’ and then specify either ‘I never signed a contract’ or ‘misrepresentation’

Accessing Information about Sassa

For additional information regarding Sassa, Sassa grants, and Sassa statuses, you can find all the necessary details in the Careers Portal’s dedicated Sassa section. Taking proactive steps to address unauthorized deductions ensures that beneficiaries receive their rightful support from the South African government.

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