Sassa Grant Payment Schedule: September 2023 Dates and Details

Sassa Grant Payment Schedule: September 2023 Dates and Details

Sassa Grant Payment Schedule: September 2023 Dates and Details.As August draws to a close with just a week left, Sassa is gearing up for the disbursement of social grants for the upcoming month of September. To assist beneficiaries in planning, the agency has recently released the Sassa grant payment dates for September.

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Sassa Grant Payment Schedule: September 2023 Dates and Details

With September approaching rapidly, if you are a recipient of a social grant from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), staying informed about the payment schedule is of utmost importance. We are here to provide you with all the necessary details about when you can anticipate receiving your grant payment in September.

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Variety of Grants to Support Vulnerable South Africans

Sassa is currently responsible for administering eight distinct social grants, aiding over 18 million individuals in South Africa who are facing financial difficulties. These grants encompass a range of assistance programs including the Older Persons Grant, Disability Grant, Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, and the Care Dependency Grant.

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The Social Relief of Distress grant remains a temporary provision and is scheduled to conclude in March 2024.

Sassa Grant Payment Dates For September

Typically, permanent social grants are disbursed during the initial week of each month. Given that September is just around the corner, here are the specific dates when you can expect to collect your permanent social grant:

  • Older Person’s Grant: Tuesday, 05 September 2023
  • Disability Grant: Wednesday, 06 September 2023
  • Child Support Grant: Thursday, 07 September 2023
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Methods to Collect Your Sassa Grant

Permanent Sassa grants can be collected through cash withdrawals at ATMs or retail outlets using the Sassa gold card. Moreover, Sassa has extended the validity of all Sassa gold cards set to expire this year until the end of 2023.

Beneficiaries also have the option to access their grant payments without a Sassa gold card. However, in this case, beneficiaries need to provide their cellphone number, ID document, and Sassa Gold card PIN number.

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For recipients of the Social Relief of Distress grant, it’s important to note that there isn’t a fixed payment date. Sassa notifies beneficiaries via SMS when the grant becomes available in their account. Recently, Sassa announced its plan to resume publishing the payment schedule for the SRD grant on various online platforms, including social media. Beneficiaries of the SRD grant have multiple choices for collecting their grants.

Payment Timing for R350 Grants Revealed

Sassa has disclosed the payment timing for millions of beneficiaries receiving the R350 grant each month. While this grant doesn’t have a fixed payment date, the agency has unveiled the period during which successful applicants can expect to receive the relief grant.

Paseka Letsatsi, Sassa spokesperson, clarified that all R350 grant applications undergo verification to ensure that applicants meet all eligibility requirements. Despite applying for the R350 grant only once, beneficiaries’ eligibility is verified by Sassa every month before the relief grant is disbursed.

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Sassa’s verification checks are typically finalized towards the end of the month. Approved R350 grant recipients will receive their social relief grant payments between the 25th and the end of the month.

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