SASSA Decision to Cease Cash Grant Payments at Post Offices

SASSA Decision to Cease Cash Grant Payments at Post Offices

SASSA Decision to Cease Cash Grant Payments at Post Offices. Sassa, the South African Social Security Agency, has recently announced its decision to discontinue cash grant payments at Post Office branches due to the high costs associated with such transactions. This move, affecting millions of grant beneficiaries, aims to transition towards more efficient and secure payment methods.

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Impact on Grant Beneficiaries and Distribution Channels

The unexpected decision by Sassa has left millions of grant beneficiaries surprised, as they have traditionally relied on the convenience of collecting their grants at nearby Post Office branches. The distribution of 19 million permanent grants, including pensions, disability grants, and child support grants, will undergo significant changes.

Phased Elimination of Cash Payment Points (CPPs)

Sassa, in collaboration with Postbank, plans to gradually eliminate all physical cash payment points, including those at Post Offices. The transition, set to commence in January of next year and conclude by March 31, 2024, aims to ensure a smooth process that does not leave anyone without access to their grants.

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Economic Rationality Behind Sassa Decision

According to Paseka Letsatsi, a spokesperson for Sassa, the decision is rooted in economic considerations. The high administrative costs associated with distributing lower-value grants, such as the child support grant, make cash payments economically unsustainable. The example given is that the administration cost for a child support grant of R510 is approximately R750.

Ensuring Continuity and Viable Alternatives

Letsatsi reassures grant beneficiaries that pay points will not close without providing viable alternatives. Sassa plans to engage with beneficiaries and promote transactions at various outlets, including Shoprite, Checkers, and Boxer. The functionality of gold cards will also be reinforced, ensuring continued accessibility even after the transition.

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Addressing Safety Concerns and Security Risks

Sassa highlights safety concerns associated with transporting large amounts of cash for grant payments, describing it as a significant risk for cash-in-transit heists. The decision to move away from cash payments aims to enhance safety and security for both beneficiaries and the agency.


Sassa decision to cease cash grant payments at Post Office branches is motivated by economic considerations, with a focus on efficiency, safety, and security in the distribution of grants to beneficiaries. The phased transition aims to minimize disruptions and provide alternative channels for grant collections.

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