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SASSA Client Struggles Early Morning Queues and Harsh Conditions



SASSA Client Struggles Early Morning Queues and Harsh Conditions

SASSA Client Struggles Early Morning Queues and Harsh Conditions. Clients seeking services at the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in Kwa-Thema endure the challenge of queuing as early as 4 am. Despite a furnished waiting area, pensioners and other clients are compelled to wait outside, facing the elements.

Limited Services and Frustrations

During a recent visit by Scrolla.Africa at 2 pm on a Thursday, individuals in the queue reported that only five clients were allowed into the waiting area by 11 am. However, SASSA staff informed them that the office had already reached its target of 20 clients for the day, leaving many frustrated.

Client Testimonials: Neglect and Disappointment

Residents like Lebo Motsepe express their frustration, stating that the officials seem indifferent to client needs, suggesting they are only motivated by financial gain. Motsepe shared a personal experience of being turned away despite arriving early, leading to the necessity of returning the next day for assistance.

Persistent Challenges for Pensioners

Pensioner Neo Matlabutla highlights the struggles faced in attempting to address issues with her SASSA card. Despite three attempts, she remains uncertain about timely assistance and fears potential delays in receiving her grant.

Seeking Alternatives: Traveling to Other SASSA Offices

The frustration among Kwa-Thema claimants has driven some to seek assistance at SASSA offices in Springs and Brakpan, highlighting the significant impact of service limitations in their local office.

SASSA Response and Clarifications

SASSA spokesperson Nandi Mosia addresses the concerns, stating that clients are permitted to use the waiting area inside the office. However, due to space constraints, only a limited number of clients can be accommodated at intervals, adding clarity to the situation.

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