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Reminder Sassa August Grants Can Be Collected Tomorrow



Reminder Sassa August Grants Can Be Collected Tomorrow

Reminder Sassa August Grants Can Be Collected Tomorrow.A payment schedule for the 2023/24 financial year was released by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) grants are social assistance programs provided by the South African government to support vulnerable individuals and households. SASSA grants aim to alleviate poverty and provide basic income support to those in need. These grants are administered by SASSA, which falls under the Department of Social Development in South Africa.

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Reminder Sassa August Grants Can Be Collected Tomorrow

If you have been approved for the COVID-19 SRD R350 grant but have not yet received your payment dates for March 2023, we have good news for you.

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Check Sassa Grant Payment Dates For August 2023

The following table outlines the SASSA grant payment dates for August 2023

  • Older persons –  2 August
  • Disability grant – 3 August
  • Children’s grant –  4 August
  • All other SASSA grants, including the R350 grant, are paid out from 5 August.

These are proposed payment dates, and the actual date of payment in August differs slightly. To confirm the actual payment date, applicants are advised to check their application status online.

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