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Postbank Technical Glitches Leave Vulnerable SASSA Beneficiaries Stranded



Postbank Technical Glitches Leave Vulnerable SASSA Beneficiaries Stranded

Postbank Technical Glitches Leave Vulnerable SASSA Beneficiaries Stranded.The Democratic Alliance (DA) has received a deluge of complaints from desperate South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant beneficiaries who are encountering significant difficulties in withdrawing their funds from ATMs and retailers due to ongoing technical glitches originating from Postbank.

Postbank Technical Glitches Leave Vulnerable SASSA Beneficiaries Stranded

The situation is particularly distressing because yesterday was designated for the disbursement of old age grants, and many senior citizens were compelled to return home empty-handed after enduring lengthy queues amidst adverse weather conditions.

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Persisting Issues on Disability Grant Payment Day

Today is earmarked for the distribution of disability grants, and troublingly, it appears that the technical glitches persist unabated, leaving individuals unable to access their much-needed funds.

Call for Ministerial Intervention

In light of these pressing issues, we urgently call upon the Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, to take immediate action in rectifying this problem. It is imperative that swift resolution is achieved to prevent further exacerbation of the already precarious situation faced by these vulnerable individuals.

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Impact on SASSA Gold Cardholders

These technical issues have disproportionately affected beneficiaries with SASSA gold cards, despite the fact that the cards were extended to expire in December 2023 due to a failure in timely renewal by both SASSA and Postbank.

No Renewals for Gold Cards

Furthermore, the DA has been informed that Postbank is currently not renewing any gold cards, even though beneficiaries have only four months left to receive their new cards. There is no indication from either Postbank or SASSA regarding whether the expiry dates will be extended again.

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Challenges in Accessing Grants Through SAPO

Postbank has suggested that SASSA gold cardholders can access their grants through South African Post Offices. However, many SAPO branches across the country have closed down due to government incompetence, leaving the few open branches overwhelmed in the current crisis.

Urgent Situation for Vulnerable Elders

As a result, vulnerable elderly citizens are facing the grim prospect of going hungry overnight, with no guarantees that the technical glitches will be resolved by tomorrow.

DA Recommendation to SASSA Beneficiaries

In light of these persistent challenges, the DA encourages SASSA beneficiaries to consider opening bank accounts with reliable financial institutions that can provide consistent access to their funds.

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Minister Accountability

While the Minister has recently focused on other initiatives, it is apparent that she has fallen short in fulfilling her mandate to serve South Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens. It is high time she demonstrates leadership by holding Postbank accountable for its ongoing failures in serving SASSA beneficiaries.

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