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Old Age and Disability Grants Affected Due to Glitch Backlog



Old Age and Disability Grants Affected Due to Glitch Backlog

Old Age and Disability Grants Affected Due to Glitch Backlog.A recent technical glitch has resulted in delays in the disbursement of some Sassa grants, causing frustration among beneficiaries. Postbank, responsible for distributing these grants, has provided an update on the situation, with particular focus on old age and disability grants.

Delayed Payments for Some Sassa Grants

Postbank has reported delays in the payment of certain Sassa grants due to a backlog resulting from a technical glitch. While some beneficiaries have managed to access their funds, others are still awaiting their payments.

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Old Age and Disability Grants Affected

Among the affected grants, the most notable are the old age and disability grants. These specific grants will only be fully accessible at retailers and ATMs starting today, as Postbank resolves the backlog issues.

Resolution for Pensioners and Disability Grant Recipients

Postbank has assured pensioners and those receiving disability grants that they should be able to collect their money by Friday, following the backlog in reversals. This delay has caused inconvenience for many vulnerable individuals.

Dignity Concerns Amidst the Glitch

Rachel Bukasa, Director of the human rights organization, the Black Sash, expressed deep concerns regarding the glitch’s impact on the dignity of beneficiaries. She described instances where elderly individuals had to sleep on the floor due to their inability to afford returning the next day. This situation has left many without the means to purchase essential items like food and electricity.

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A Recurring Issue

This is not the first time beneficiaries have faced grant distribution issues. A technical glitch with the Sassa gold card occurred last year, and the company also experienced a cybercrime attack in 2021, resulting in a significant financial loss of approximately R90 million.


The recent delay in Sassa grant payments highlights the critical need for a robust and dependable distribution system to ensure beneficiaries receive their essential financial support without interruptions. It also emphasizes the importance of safeguarding the dignity of vulnerable individuals who rely on these grants for their livelihoods. Postbank is actively working to resolve the backlog and prevent such occurrences in the future.

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