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NSFAS Responds to Allegations of ‘Shack Accommodation’ Accreditation



NSFAS Responds to Allegations of 'Shack Accommodation' Accreditation

NSFAS Responds to Allegations of ‘Shack Accommodation’ Accreditation. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has vehemently refuted claims suggesting that it endorsed shacks as suitable student accommodation. The organization asserts that these allegations are not only false but also misleading.

Oversight Unveils Informal Settlements as Student Housing

Allegations arose following the Democratic Alliance (DA) oversight of informal settlements, commonly referred to as “student accommodation,” in Madalabara, Limpopo. These settlements house students from Letaba TVET College. The DA findings indicated that some residents in the area were recipients of NSFAS funding.

Discrepancy in Minister Denial and NSFAS Statistics

Despite Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande denying the existence of students residing in shacks, NSFAS revealed to the parliamentary committee on higher education that 65.64% of its beneficiaries lived in unaccredited accommodations. Only 26,530 out of 77,209 NSFAS-funded student accommodations were officially approved for safe and decent housing.

NSFAS Clarifies Housing Conditions for Beneficiaries

In response to the controversy, NSFAS released a statement on Friday clarifying that its beneficiaries are placed in conducive accommodations that support learning and foster success. The college reportedly informed NSFAS that there was no official record of students residing in shacks, citing discrepancies in lease agreements and college records.

Stringent Measures to Ensure Accredited Accommodation

While acknowledging challenges in the condition of some accommodations, NSFAS assured the public of its commitment to a rigorous process that ensures beneficiaries reside in approved and accredited housing. The organization emphasized ongoing efforts to rectify discrepancies and enhance the living conditions for students.

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NSFAS Pledge to Quality Student Accommodation

NSFAS affirmed its awareness of the limitations in suitable accommodations near learning institutions and expressed its dedication to providing quality student housing. The board and management reiterated their commitment to fulfilling the agency’s mandate of supporting deserving students from low-income backgrounds.


NSFAS is actively addressing concerns raised during the oversight, striving to ensure that its beneficiaries have access to safe, accredited, and conducive student accommodations.

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