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Nsfas Millionaire Elected In University Role



Nsfas Millionaire Elected In University Role

Students at a popular South African university who notoriously spent R800,000 that was not theirs have been elected treasurers of convocation committees. An arrest warrant was issued for the student and he was sentenced to five years in prison for fraud.

Nsfas Millionaire Elected In University Role

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WSU’s convocation committee has elected Sibongile Mani as treasurer. As the WSU Foundation and the institution raise funds through the WSU Convocation, it assists the institution.

A vote was held last week and Mani chose to run for the position. Her opponent, however, was elected with 29 votes to Mani’s 79.As Mani’s campaign manager, Athenkosi Fani says, Mani is capable of getting the job done despite the difficulty of getting here.

By voting for her, you are demonstrating the power of your voice over negative media coverage. By voting for Sibongile Mani, you are demonstrating your belief in her vision and ability to handle the situation 

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She says Mani has been an independent voice for change and has shown incredible strength and resilience throughout this whole process.

The erroneous payment of R14 million to Mani sparked national attention after she was discovered to have received R1,400 instead of R14 million. Students funded by NSFAS received their allowances from a service provider contracted with the NSFAS. After discovering the error, they spent around R800,000.

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A jury at the East London Regional Court found Mani guilty of theft in February 2022. When Mani was being prosecuted, Nsfas distanced itself from the case.

The NSFAS explained that no legal proceedings were commenced against the former bursary holder since there was no basis for doing so. According to them, Intellimali took the case to court on behalf of the student.For the distribution of NSFAS allowances, WSU hired Intellimali.

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