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NSFAS Has Processed Most Of Its Appeal Applications



NSFAS Has Processed Most Of Its Appeal Applications

At least 40 000 appeal applications have been received by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). The following are the reasons why 30% of the appeals could not be processed from this batch.

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NSFAS Has Processed Most Of Its Appeal Applications

In order to assist applicants with filing appeals, NSFAS has developed a system. Despite some delays, the scheme acknowledges that its appeals system has been perfected over time.

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Dr. Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, said in a statement:

  • This appeals process has resulted in a high quality of appeal decisions.

Approximately 40 000 bursary applications were received for the government scheme, according to reports.

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The appeals application process was successful in 28 000 cases. A notification of the outcome of these appeals was also sent to the applicants, according to Nsfas.Due to missing supporting documents, 12 000 applications could not be processed, according to Nzimande.

To support their appeals, students must upload all required supporting documentation, such as medical records, a death in the immediate family, academic transcripts, and payslips.Because these applications are part of the appeals process, Nsfas couldn’t process and conclude them.

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