NSFAS Delays: Yet to Pay Allowances for 2023

NSFAS Delays: Yet to Pay Allowances for 2023

NSFAS Delays: Yet to Pay Allowances for 2023. NSFAS, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, is facing challenges in disbursing allowances for the 2023 academic year, affecting 20,000 students.

Despite their recent efforts, the scheme has encountered obstacles in completing payments, leading to financial difficulties for many students.

NSFAS Efforts to Address Overdue Allowances

In response to the delays in allowance disbursement, NSFAS has acknowledged the financial hardships faced by students and announced plans to expedite the distribution of overdue allowances.

The scheme is actively working to resolve the outstanding cases and ensure that all eligible students receive their entitled allowances for the 2023 academic year.

Reconciliation Process and Finalized Payments

As of December 5, 2023, NSFAS has successfully disbursed allowances to 234,124 students, marking the completion of finalized payments for the year.

The reconciliation process involved addressing changes in students’ registration data and ensuring direct payments to institutions for tuition, as well as advancing payments to students.

NSFAS Timeline for Resolving Outstanding Allowances

NSFAS aims to complete all outstanding allowance payments for 2023 by January 15, 2024. This timeline is crucial to prevent any potential impact on the disbursement of allowances for the 2024 academic year.

NSFAS Board Engagement and Updates

The NSFAS board is actively engaging with relevant organizations and stakeholders to provide updates on their preparations for the 2024 academic year. These sessions will also include insights into NSFAS eligibility criteria and conditions.

Uncertainty Surrounding Allowance Payments

Concerns have arisen regarding the future of allowance payments, particularly due to revelations about the former CEO of NSFAS, Andile Nongogo, having connections with the service providers involved in the direct payment system. The NSFAS board plans to make public announcements regarding the implementation of the Werksmans Attorneys report in relation to these service providers.

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Student Unions Criticize NSFAS Explanations

Despite NSFAS’s assurances, student unions express dissatisfaction with the explanations provided by the spokesperson. They argue that the current payment system has been plagued by crises, casting doubt on the need for monthly beneficiary verifications.

Dlanjwa, a representative, dismisses the explanations as “absolute rubbish” and emphasizes the ongoing efforts by student unions to engage with the Department of Higher Education and various stakeholders to address the complex challenges.

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