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NSFAS Coverage for Goldfields TVET College Courses



NSFAS Coverage for Goldfields TVET College Courses

NSFAS Coverage for Goldfields TVET College Courses. One common query revolves around the coverage of Goldfields TVET College courses by NSFAS. In this article, we delve into the possibilities and eligibility requirements for NSFAS funding at Goldfields TVET College.

NSFAS: Expanding Access to Higher Education

NSFAS, established by the South African government, plays a crucial role in enhancing access to higher education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Its primary mission is to offer financial support to eligible students, enabling them to enroll in various tertiary education programs, including those offered at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges like Goldfields TVET College.

What NSFAS Covers

NSFAS extends funding to cover various expenses, encompassing tuition fees, accommodation, study materials, and more.

Goldfields TVET College: A Hub for Diverse Courses

Goldfields TVET College is a renowned TVET institution in South Africa, renowned for its array of courses in fields such as engineering, business, hospitality, and more. The college’s practical and career-focused programs attract numerous students.

Eligibility for NSFAS Funding at Goldfields TVET College

Securing NSFAS funding for courses at Goldfields TVET College hinges on specific criteria:

  1. South African Citizenship: Only South African citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for NSFAS funding.
  2. Financial Need: NSFAS predominantly aids students from low-income households, necessitating a demonstration of financial need for consideration.
  3. Academic Performance: While not the sole criterion, meeting the minimum academic requirements for the desired course is essential.
  4. Course and Institution Accreditation: NSFAS funding is accessible for accredited courses at public higher education institutions, including TVET colleges like Goldfields TVET College.
  5. Application Deadlines: NSFAS applications must be submitted before the specified deadlines, typically well in advance of the intended academic year.
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Applying for NSFAS at Goldfields TVET College

To initiate your NSFAS funding application at Goldfields TVET College, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the NSFAS Website: Commence by visiting the official NSFAS website ( to access the online application portal.
  2. Register and Create an Account: Register on the NSFAS portal, providing the necessary information and documents.
  3. Complete the Application: Fill out the online application form meticulously, ensuring all information is accurate and comprehensive.
  4. Submit Supporting Documents: Upload the required documents, including proof of identity, academic records, and household income information.
  5. Monitor Your Application: Continuously monitor your application’s status on the NSFAS portal and promptly respond to any requests for additional information.


As long as you fulfill the eligibility criteria and submit your application within the specified deadlines, you stand a strong chance of receiving financial assistance from NSFAS, enabling you to pursue your higher education aspirations at Goldfields TVET College.

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