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Montana Launches $675 Stimulus Check Program: How to Apply and Qualify



Montana Launches $675 Stimulus Check Program: How to Apply and Qualify

Montana Launches $675 Stimulus Check Program: How to Apply and Qualify.In an endeavor to bolster its residents’ financial well-being, the state of Montana has unveiled a novel approach to economic support – a $675 stimulus check.

Montana Launches $675 Stimulus Check Program: How to Apply and Qualify

As this initiative kicks off, we delve into the details of who qualifies for this aid, the application timeline, and the essential criteria. Join us at Solo Dinero to stay informed.

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Montana’s Property Tax Rebate

The $675 stimulus checks will be disbursed through the Montana Property Tax Rebate program, a brainchild of Governor Greg Gianforte. While this development isn’t entirely new, the Montana Department of Revenue has now commenced accepting applications as of August 15th, granting individuals the opportunity to secure up to $675. The application window extends until October 1st, 2023.

Qualifications and Application Process for Property Tax Relief Stimulus Check

Governor Gianforte expressed in an official statement, “The residents of Montana deserve urgent property tax relief due to excessive property taxes. That’s why we made it a priority during this legislative session.” He encouraged citizens to apply promptly for the refund. To be eligible, applicants must be Montana residents who owned and inhabited their homes for at least seven months in 2022.

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During the application process, prepare essential details such as the physical address, zip code of the home, total property taxes paid in 2022, and the names along with Social Security numbers of the homeowner, spouse, and dependents, if applicable.

Two Ways to Apply

Applications can be submitted either online at or through traditional mail. For a quicker processing time and expedited fund receipt, the Montana Department of Revenue strongly recommends the digital application route.

Application and Disbursement

The acceptance and disbursement of applications will follow a first-come, first-serve approach. The Revenue Department anticipates finalizing all refunds by the culmination of 2023.

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According to the department’s official site, “Each rebate amounts to $675 or the sum that does not surpass the property taxes on a Montana main residence for each year.” In the year 2023, homeowners have the opportunity to claim a maximum of $675 for Montana property tax refunds.


As Montana opens the doors to its $675 stimulus check program, eligible residents have a chance to alleviate their financial burdens. Remember to check your eligibility, gather the necessary documents, and choose the application method that suits you best. By acting swiftly, you can secure your share of the stimulus relief by the end of 2023.

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