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Minnesota State-Funded Direct Payments | Up to $1,300 per Family



Minnesota State-Funded Direct Payments | Up to $1,300 per Family

Minnesota State-Funded Direct Payments | Up to $1,300 per Family.Minnesota is set to provide substantial direct payments to its residents, with thousands of families expected to receive one-time state-funded payments of up to $1,300 by the end of September.

Origins and Distribution

The initiative kicked off in August when Minnesota began dispersing property tax rebates. The State Department of Revenue has outlined its plan to ensure that all eligible payments are processed and distributed by the close of September.

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These payments stem from a law passed as part of the state’s multi-billion-dollar budget surplus, signed by Governor Tim Walz (D-MN). The $2 million one-time tax rebate will be calculated based on Minnesotans’ 2021 income tax returns, and the funds will be automatically transferred through either check or direct deposit.

Aiding Everyday Expenses

Revenue Commissioner Paul Marquart highlighted the positive impact of these rebates, stating, “This rebate will help millions of Minnesotans pay for everyday expenses such as groceries, school supplies, rent, or child care.” The anticipation is that these payments will provide substantial relief to many residents, and distribution is slated for early fall.

Eligibility Criteria and Payment Details

All residents of Minnesota who lived in the state in 2021 and filed an income tax return or property tax refund are eligible for this one-time rebate. The adjusted gross income limit is set at $75,000 for single filers and $150,000 for married couples who filed jointly.

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Single filers will receive $260, while married couples will get $520, with an additional $260 allocated per dependent, up to a maximum of three dependents. This means that married couples with the maximum number of dependents could receive up to $1,300 in total.

Tracking and Support

Notably, the rebate distribution is handled outside the typical tax refund processing system, which means taxpayers won’t be able to track the status of their rebate through the usual channels. However, officials are urging those who anticipate receiving a payment to reach out to the department’s customer service operations if their rebate has not been issued by October.

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