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Minister Nzimande Stresses Crucial Role of Nsfas Payment System in Corruption Reduction



Minister Nzimande Stresses Crucial Role of Nsfas Payment System in Corruption Reduction

Minister Nzimande Stresses Crucial Role of Nsfas Payment System in Corruption Reduction.In a recent statement, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande has underlined the significance of the new National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) payment system, despite the encountered challenges, as a crucial step in curbing corruption within the program.Outa Applauds NSFAS CEO’s Leave of Absence Amidst Allegations 

Nzimande’s Stance Following CEO’s Leave of Absence Pending Investigation

Minister Nzimande’s stance comes in the wake of the temporary leave of absence granted to NSFAS CEO Andile Nongogo. This leave was prompted by an ongoing investigation into the functionality and implications of the new payment system.

Combatting Ghost Students and Delayed Allowance Payments

Explaining the rationale behind the implementation of the NSFAS bank account, Minister Nzimande emphasized its aim to combat fraudulent activities within the system, including the existence of ghost students, and to address the issue of delayed allowance payments that had been plaguing the program.

Allegations Surrounding Nongogo and the New Payment System

CEO Andile Nongogo’s temporary leave was prompted by allegations connected to the contentious new payment system. This system, rolled out in June across universities nationwide, sparked considerable student unrest and a series of protests.

Support for the Payment System Amidst Challenges

Despite the challenges faced by the new payment system, Minister Nzimande expressed steadfast support for its implementation. He acknowledged the suspension of Nongogo while reiterating his commitment to the overall objective of curbing corruption and enhancing the efficiency of NSFAS.

Defunding Allegations and Backlash from Students

NSFAS has recently revoked funding from approximately 31,000 students over allegations of falsified applications to secure funding. This move has drawn criticism from students who believe that some deserving beneficiaries have been unfairly affected.

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30-Day Deadline for Solutions

Minister Nzimande has set a 30-day window for NSFAS to address the difficulties and provide viable solutions to the challenges posed by the new payment system and its associated issues.

Interim Leadership Appointed

In light of Nongogo’s temporary absence, NSFAS Chief Financial Officer Masile Ramowesi has been designated as the interim CEO of the scheme.

While the implementation of the new NSFAS payment system has encountered obstacles and led to controversies, Minister Nzimande asserts its vital role in combatting corruption and enhancing the overall integrity of the program. He remains committed to addressing challenges and ensuring a more effective and transparent financial aid process for students.

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