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Issues Arise At TVET Colleges Along With Delay In NSFAS Allowances



Issues Arise At TVET Colleges Along With Delay In NSFAS Allowances

TVET colleges across the country have begun the academic year, but many have faced administration issues and delays in NSFAS allowances, leaving TVET students frustrated.

Issues Arise At TVET Colleges Along With Delay In NSFAS Allowances

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Professor Dipiloane Phutsisi, the president of the South African Public Colleges Organisation (SAPCO), said 14 colleges across South Africa had experienced student unrest. Due to time constraints, some colleges were unable to submit their status reports, but 90% did.

TVET college campuses faced several challenges, including the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), a shortage of lecturers, and textbook shortages.

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Wongani Mgwali, the secretary general of the Students Representative Council (SRC) at Umfolozi College, said that students were frustrated as NSFAS allowances were being delayed.

While some TVET students received allowances, others did not, and many experienced changes to their NSFAS funding status while others did not.

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Students submitting appeals also experienced delays, causing more frustration and eventually leading to protest actions at the college. TVET colleges and universities have the same prices for bread, accommodation, transport, and basic necessities, according to African National Congress (ANC) member W Letsie.

Mr Shabalala The President Of Satvetsa Said

Mr Shabalala, the President of Satvetsa, said TVET students were also facing issues regarding backup generators for computer labs and the misinterpretation of guidelines.

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Misinterpretations of guidelines led to some students at Buffalo City TVET College not passing last year, but passing this year and now their funding was in question. According to Mgwali, this shouldn’t even be a problem, and he hopes there will be a solution.

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