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Is There a Way for Nsfas to Communicate the Status of My Application?



Is There a Way for Nsfas to Communicate the Status of My Application?

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), funding is provided to disadvantaged students studying at universities as well as technical and vocational colleges.

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Is There a Way for Nsfas to Communicate the Status of My Application?

You are not only going to receive funding for your tuition fees when you get funded by NSFAS, but you will also be able to receive funding for other needs that you may have as a student. Traveling expenses, meal allowances, living allowances, student housing, and books or other study materials are some of the types of allowances offered to students.As a reminder, NSFAS wishes to remind applicants that the status of their applications will only be communicated through the myNSFAS student portal, and students are encouraged to regularly check their applications’ status in order to stay informed about the outcome of their applications.

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The most important thing to note is that there are several different NSFAS application status codes that are used in NSFAS applications. The names of these codes are specific, so understanding what they mean is an essential part of being able to use them.

It is estimated that thousands of students apply each year for funding from the government’s bursary scheme in order to attend university. If you have submitted an application, it is important that you keep track of the status of your application since they may require additional information from you in order to process your application.

Here are the NSFAS application statuses

Application Submitted

This status confirms that your application has been successfully received and entered into the NSFAS system.


During this stage, NSFAS checks if you are a returning student and if you already hold a previous qualification. Funding is typically provided for first qualifications only, so if you have a prior qualification, you may not be eligible for funding.

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NSFAS conducts verification checks with third-party entities such as Sassa (South African Social Security Agency) and the Department of Home Affairs to confirm details like your Sassa beneficiary status and ID registration. It’s advisable to address any ID registration issues beforehand to avoid complications in your NSFAS application.


This stage involves the review and verification of the documents you submitted with your application.

Funding Eligibility

NSFAS assesses your household’s financial status as declared in your application. Currently, to qualify for NSFAS funding, your annual household income should not exceed R350,000 from either one or both parents. However, if you have a disability, the annual household income threshold can be up to R600,000.

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Awaiting Academic Results/Admission

NSFAS verifies your academic results and confirms your admission status at your chosen institution to ensure you meet the requirements for NSFAS funding. This step may take time as NSFAS relies on information from the institution.

Awaiting Registration

NSFAS awaits data from your institution to establish a bursary agreement. This stage can also take some time as NSFAS relies on the institution to provide the necessary information.

Signing of Agreement

At this point, you will need to sign the bursary agreement, allowing NSFAS to disburse your allowances.

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Your allowances will be paid out either through the NSFAS mobile wallet system or directly through your institution. It is recommended to regularly check the myNSFAS portal for updates on your payment status.

Understanding these NSFAS application statuses can help you track the progress of your application and take appropriate actions if necessary.

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