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Is SASSA Gold Card Still Offline for March 2023 SASSA Grant Payments?



Is SASSA Gold Card Still Offline for March 2023 SASSA Grant Payments?

Social grants are being distributed for the month of March, which began last week and will end on Monday 6 March. There was a major glitch that caused millions of grant recipients to not receive their grants. 

Throughout the country, social grants are distributed by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa).

Is SASSA Gold Card Still Offline for March 2023 SASSA Grant Payments?

Grant payments are typically distributed on a monthly basis, and beneficiaries can withdraw their payments at any time after they have been issued.

Sassa cards were empty for many beneficiaries, preventing them from collecting the Older Persons grant. Sassa pensioners were left concerned about their financial situations without their grants.

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Postbank now says the issue has been resolved due to a technical glitch. Sassa has responded to the issue.

Sassa reminds beneficiaries that they are not required to collect grants on the exact date of payment. Once the grant has been paid, the beneficiary can collect the money at their convenience. 

It is now possible to collect a grant if you haven’t collected it in the last few days at a payment point.

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There are several methods that beneficiaries can use to collect their funds, including ATMs, retail stores such as Shoprite, Checkers, U-Save, Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer.

The Sassa database requires beneficiaries to provide their ID and cellphone numbers, which must be the same as those used to register on the Sassa database, since a confirmation pin will be sent to this number.

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In order to be able to access and collect money anywhere, Sassa has encouraged beneficiaries to use their preferred bank as a preferred payment method.

South African Post Office (SAPO) is no longer an outlet for claiming grant payments for SRD grants. Grant beneficiaries have also been warned not to collect their grants from the post office.

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