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IRS Whistleblowers to Testify Publicly in Hunter Biden Case



IRS Whistleblowers to Testify Publicly in Hunter Biden Case

IRS Whistleblowers to Testify Publicly in Hunter Biden Case.Next Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee is scheduled to hear testimony from two whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), one of whom is yet to be identified. The whistleblowers have alleged that an investigation into Hunter Biden was deliberately delayed by prosecutors. The House Ways and Means Committee shared the testimony of IRS investigator Gary Shapley and another individual referred to as “Whistleblower X” after U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss announced a plea deal with Biden, involving guilty pleas on two tax charges.Check IRS Refund Schedule 2023 Tax Refund Dates WITC With Child Tax Credit

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IRS Whistleblowers to Testify Publicly in Hunter Biden Case

Shapley specifically claimed that Biden received preferential treatment, with prosecutors being hesitant to pursue search warrants. He also stated that Weiss was unable to bring charges in Washington, D.C., where he believed the case would be strongest.

James Comer (R-Ky.), the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, expressed his support for the whistleblowers and emphasized the need to investigate the alleged misuse of federal law enforcement power. He described the situation as a “two-tiered system of justice” that seemingly allows the Biden family to operate above the law.

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The identity of Whistleblower X is expected to be revealed during the afternoon hearing on July 19.

The Justice Department, along with Weiss, has denied the whistleblowers’ claims, including the specific claim that Weiss was denied special counsel status, which would have allowed him to pursue charges in Washington, D.C. Although this claim is just one aspect of Shapley’s broader allegations of mismanagement, it has become a focal point for Republican leaders. Attorney General Merrick Garland has previously stated that Weiss had full control over the investigation.

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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) raised the possibility of impeaching Merrick Garland in June, suggesting that Shapley’s testimony could be a significant part of an impeachment inquiry into Garland’s alleged weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ). McCarthy expressed his concern about conflicting statements from various individuals involved in the case and emphasized the need to determine the truth.

Shapley’s testimony claimed that Weiss said he was unable to bring charges in Washington, D.C., and was denied special counsel authority. Weiss, in response, stated that he had not requested special counsel designation but had discussed potential appointment under a different statute that would allow him to file charges outside his own district with the approval of Departmental officials.

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Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to two counts of willful failure to pay taxes and has paid over $200,000 in taxes during the five-year investigation. He has also agreed to participate in a pretrial diversion program related to a failure to disclose drug use when purchasing a weapon.

Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, has praised the professionalism and diligence of the prosecutors involved in the five-year investigation, stating that they worked towards what they believed was a fair resolution.

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