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IRS Free File What is it? Softwares, Tax Refund E-Filing Procedure



IRS Free File What is it? Softwares, Tax Refund E-Filing Procedure.

IRS Free File What is it? Softwares, Tax Refund E-Filing Procedure.If you’re looking to e-file your 2022 tax refund, the IRS offers the Free File tools, allowing individuals to submit their tax returns electronically for free. By utilizing these tools, you can receive your tax refund within three weeks. Read on to learn more about IRS Free File.

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What is IRS Free File?

IRS Free File consists of two software options: Guided Tax Preparation and Free File Fillable Forms. Taxpayers with an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $73,000 or below can use the Guided Tax Preparation tool, while those with an AGI above $73,000 can utilize the Free File Fillable Forms. These software options are provided through a partnership between the IRS and private platforms. Although other platforms are available for filing tax refunds, they are not free.

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IRS Free File Software Options

  1. Guided Tax Preparation:
    • Guided Tax Preparation is a widely-used software that allows taxpayers to e-file their returns. It is completely free for individuals with an AGI below $73,000.
    • This software automates the process and guides you through answering the necessary questions during e-filing.
  2. Free File Fillable Forms:
    • Free File Fillable Forms is another free software option under IRS Free File for e-filing tax returns.
    • It is designed for individuals with an AGI above the threshold mentioned for Guided Tax Preparation.
    • When using this tool, you will be responsible for completing all the required forms and calculations.
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If your AGI does not exceed $73,000, it is recommended to use Guided Tax Preparation, as it simplifies the e-filing process.

Required Credentials for IRS Free File

To e-file your tax return using either of the IRS Free File software options, ensure you have the following credentials:

  1. Basic Details
  2. Copy of last year’s tax return
  3. Social Security Number for yourself and your spouse (if applicable)
  4. Income and Receipts
    • Social Security benefits (if applicable)
    • Receipts from small business activities
    • Rental, real estate, royalty, partnership, corporation, or trust income
    • Unemployment compensation (if applicable)
    • Other sources of income and contact information (such as email address)
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How to E-file Your Tax Return using IRS Free File

The tax season officially begins on January 23, 2023, and the deadline to e-file your tax return is April 18, 2023. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to e-file your tax refund if your AGI is $73,000 or below:

  1. Visit the official website of the Internal Revenue Service at
  2. Look for the “File Your Taxes for Free” option and click on it.
  3. Select “Use Free Guided Tax Preparation.”
  4. Under the IRS Free File Online Lookup Tool section, click on “Start lookup tool.”
  5. Provide the required basic details, estimate your AGI and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and file your returns.
  6. E-file your tax return before the deadline and choose the Direct Deposit option to receive your tax refund. If you opt for direct deposit and e-file, you can expect your refund within 21 days.
  7. After filing, you can check the e-filing status using the IRS tool “Where’s My Refund?” within 24 hours.
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By following these steps, you can easily e-file your tax refund using IRS Free File.

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