Important Update For Sassa Social Grant Recipients In South Africa

Important Update For Sassa Social Grant Recipients In South Africa

SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards with expired validity have been extended until 31 December 2023 by the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA).Social grant recipients can still use their expired cards for social grant payments at ATMs and merchant Point of Sale (POS) machines without collecting new cards or switching banks.

Important Update For Sassa Social Grant Recipients In South Africa

All acquiring banks have been notified by PASA that they must be prepared to accept expired SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards, and Postbank has completed its own preparations.As of the end of April, social grant recipients will be able to collect their grant payments using their expired SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards.

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Social grant recipients will continue to receive three free purchases per month with the SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards.

In addition to reissuing lost and stolen cards, Postbank branches will continue to facilitate the payment of grants to recipients who prefer biometric verification.You can rest assured that you will continue to receive grants money without interruption until the end of 2023 if your SASSA/Postbank Gold Card has expired. We hope this extension will bring much-needed relief to those who rely on social grants.”

Postbank Statement About Gold Cards

According to Postbank, it will still replace SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards before the end of December 2023.As part of the card replacement program, Postbank will launch a new social grants payments card.As part of the card replacement program, SASSA/Postbank Gold Card recipients will be notified when to come forward and pick up new cards.

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The expired SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards can still be used by social grants recipients at all National Payments System points including ATMs, POS purchases, Post Office branches, and SASSA physical cash payment points.”

Social grant recipients who prefer to access social grants using the recently introduced Postbank cardless method through participating retailers such as Shoprite, Boxer, Pick n Pay, Usave, Checkers and OK are encouraged to use this alternative method since SASSA grant payments begin on May 4, 2023.

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