GST Payment Dates 2024 | Exploring Canada GST Dates, Amount, and Process

GST Payment Dates 2024 | Exploring Canada GST Dates, Amount, and Process

GST Payment Dates 2024 | Exploring Canada’s GST Dates, Amount, and Process. Discover crucial information about the GST payment dates in Canada for 2023-2024, including details on amounts, processes, and eligibility criteria. This article provides comprehensive insights into the quarterly GST payments designed to alleviate the financial burden on Canadians with low and modest incomes.

GST Payment Schedule

GST payments are disbursed quarterly to eligible Canadian residents, funded by the federal government and issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). These payments, aimed at reducing the GST burden throughout the year, are available to individuals who file their taxes, regardless of their income status.

Canada GST Payment Dates 2023

  • Payment Frequency: Quarterly
  • Maximum GST Payment:
    • $496 (Single)
    • $650 (Married/Common-law partner)
    • $171 (Per child under 19)
  • Website:

Schedule for 2023-2024

GST payments for the period of July 2023 to June 2024 are scheduled on the 5th day of July, October, January, and April. The payment amounts are based on the 2022 tax year.

Payments 2023

  • July 5
  • October 5

Payments 2024

  • January 5
  • April 5

Stay informed about payment updates and other vital information by regularly checking the CRA’s website.

GST Payment Delay Considerations

While GST payments are generally issued on fixed dates, delays may occur, especially for payments delivered by mail. Direct deposits are faster but can still take up to 10 days. In case of non-receipt, individuals are advised to wait 10 business days before contacting the CRA. Choosing direct deposit through CRA My Account is recommended for faster payments.

Factors Impacting GST Payment Delivery

Wildfires in certain areas may affect mail delivery times for GST payments issued by cheque. In such situations, citizens should contact Canada Post for updates and solutions.

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Canada GST Application

To be eligible for Canada GST, individuals must be Canadian residents aged at least 19. Shared custody parents may receive half the GST credit for their child. New residents need to complete specific forms, depending on whether they have children or not, and mail them to their tax centers.


  • If having children: Form RC66
  • If having no children: Form RC151

Amount & Process

The GST amount depends on the Adjusted Family Net Income (AFNI) and the number of eligible children. It is crucial to keep information up to date with the CRA to prevent under and overpayments. Changes in AFNI, the number of eligible children, marital status, or shared custody arrangements can impact the GST amount.

The CRA provides a GST Credit Payment Chart for checking amounts based on AFNI. For more details, visit the Canadian Government’s website.

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