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Government Needs To Fix SASSA Offices In Chatsworth



Government Needs To Fix SASSA Offices In Chatsworth

Government Needs To Fix SASSA Offices In Chatsworth. Pensioners residing in Chatsworth are expressing their concerns and dissatisfaction with the recent closure of the local South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office. While acknowledging the necessity for the closure due to safety concerns, the pensioners emphasize the inconvenience it has caused and urgently call upon the government to address and rectify the situation.

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Safety Concerns Prompt Closure

 Last week, the Chatsworth SASSA office was shut down amid revelations from the Department of Labour’s health inspector. The inspection uncovered a myriad of issues, including structural integrity problems, electrical hazards, and health, safety, and hygiene lapses within the facility. Authorities have assured that the office will only resume operations once it receives certification guaranteeing its safety for public use.

Grant Recipients Directed Elsewhere

 In light of the closure, recipients of social grants have been advised to utilize alternative SASSA offices, such as those in uMlazi and Pinetown. However, this directive has sparked frustration among pensioners who find the travel to these locations inconvenient and physically challenging.

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Pensioners Demand Swift Action

Fathima Saith, a pensioner affected by the closure, applauds the government for taking action but emphasizes the urgency of restoring the Chatsworth SASSA office. She highlights the deplorable conditions at the closed office, citing water damage and overall disarray. Saith implores authorities to expedite the repairs, asking, “Where is the nearest place for me to access my grant?”

Sathie Govender, another affected pensioner, voices the collective frustration, urging the government to take responsibility for the inconvenience caused. Govender appeals for a temporary solution to mitigate the hardships faced by elderly citizens, especially those with health issues preventing them from easily accessing alternative offices. He shares his personal struggle, stating, “It’s terrible, it’s hard. I have arthritis in my toes, I can’t drive any longer. I got epilepsy and a heart condition, so for a guy like me, my life is crippled.”

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Call for Government Intervention

 The Chatsworth pensioners call on the government to expedite the necessary repairs, provide a temporary facility for grant disbursements, and ensure that the reconstructed office meets all safety and operational standards. The plea resonates not only as a cry for convenience but also as a demand for respect and consideration for the unique challenges faced by elderly citizens who rely on these services. As the government works towards resolving the issues, the pensioners hope for a swift resolution that prioritizes the well-being of the community’s most vulnerable members.

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