Good News Postbank Working Towards Resolving Sassa Grant Payment Issues

Good News Postbank Working Towards Resolving Sassa Grant Payment Issues

Various factors led to the termination of the contract between the South African Social Security Agency and the Post Office. There are still some grant beneficiaries who are not receiving their payments on time.

Good News Postbank Working Towards Resolving Sassa Grant Payment Issues

According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s social grant assistance programme continues to benefit 18 million people after reaching 2 million beneficiaries in 1999.A person who is denied a social grant does not qualify for it, and the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) determines who qualifies for one.

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Normally, the Agency follows its payment schedule to ensure that social grants reach the correct clients on time.However, some social grant beneficiaries are concerned that they haven’t yet received their March 2023 payment, since they rely on these funds on a monthly basis. Beneficiaries have difficulty making ends meet when funds are delayed.

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Social grant recipients need not worry about their monies being withdrawn or being kicked out of the system, according to Postbank.

As a result of a technical problem at the South African Post Office (Sapo), Postbank spokesperson Dr Bongani Diako explained in an interview:

  • Recipients can access the money in other ways.

Among these methods are bank ATMs and retail stores, such as Shoprite, USave, Boxer, Pick ‘n Pay, and Checkers.The majority of social grant recipients use these options when withdrawing their payments each month.Sapo branches near the residences of Sassa grant beneficiaries are still used by some beneficiaries.

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To distribute social grants, the Post Office also makes arrangements to drive to areas that are far from its branches.Postbank can only see if funds are available for individuals, but they cannot see why or why funds are not available.For this reason, people will need to contact Sassa directly if they have any questions.Social grant recipients whose gold cards have expired are included in this category. The recipients must pick up their new cards at a Sassa branch.

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