FAQ: When Must You Reapply for a SASSA Old Person’s Grant?

FAQ: When Must You Reapply for a SASSA Old Person’s Grant?

FAQ: When Must You Reapply for a SASSA Old Person’s Grant? Many individuals over the age of 60 who receive the government grant often wonder about the frequency of reapplying for a SASSA Old Person’s Grant. In this guide, we address this common question and provide comprehensive information to help you navigate the process.

SASSA Old Person’s Grant

The SASSA Old Person’s Grant, formerly known as the Old Age Pension, is a government initiative designed to support elderly individuals during their golden years. If you are already receiving a government pension, it’s essential to know whether you need to reapply for the SASSA Old Person’s Grant.

Reapplying for a SASSA Old Person’s Grant

As previously explained, the application for a SASSA Old Person’s Grant cannot be done online; it must take place in person at a SASSA branch. This allows the South African Social Security Agency staff to assist with every aspect of the application, including the means test. To find the nearest SASSA branch, refer to the relevant links provided for each province.

Qualifications for the Old Person’s Grant

Before delving into the reapplication process, it’s crucial to recap the eligibility requirements for a SASSA Old Person’s Grant:

  • South African citizenship, permanent residency, or refugee status.
  • Permanent residence in South Africa.
  • No receipt of any other government social grant.
  • Not being cared for in a state institution.
  • Annual income less than R86,280 (R7,190 per month) for singles.
  • If married, an annual income not exceeding R172,560 (R14,380 per month).
  • Net assets under R1,227,600 if single or R2,455,200 if married.
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The good news is that once your application for a SASSA Old Person’s Grant is successful, you generally do not need to reapply for the foreseeable future. However, be aware that periodic reviews may occur to ensure continued eligibility. Notifications will be sent three months in advance of the review date, and reviews may include a Confirmation of Life Certificate.

Grant Review and Possible Suspensions

SASSA reserves the right to review grants for various reasons, including changes in circumstances, failure to cooperate during a review, fraud, misrepresentation, absence from the country, or not claiming the Old Person’s Grant for three consecutive months. It’s important to note that grants can be suspended in the unfortunate events of a recipient’s passing or admission to a state institution.

Recent Increase in SASSA Old Person’s Grants

As of October 1, 2023, SASSA Old Person’s Grants have seen an increase:

  • Older Person’s Grant (under 75 years): R2,090 per month
  • Older Person’s Grant (older than 75 years): R2,110 per month

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