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DWP Jobcentres Forcing Unsuitable Job Applications, Says Research



DWP Jobcentres Forcing Unsuitable Job Applications, Says Research

DWP Jobcentres Forcing Unsuitable Job Applications, Says Research.Jobseekers are being pressured to apply for jobs they are “entirely unsuitable for” by DWP Jobcentres, according to research by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). Work coaches are pushing applicants to apply for any paid role, even if it doesn’t fit their circumstances or qualifications.

DWP Jobcentres Forcing Unsuitable Job Applications, Says Research

This approach, known as “Any Job, Better Job, Career” (ABC), is aimed at meeting job application targets to avoid sanctions. Researchers found that this results in jobseekers bombarding employers with inappropriate applications, wasting everyone’s time.

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Unsuitable Job Applications: A Frustration for Employers and Job Seekers

DWP Jobcentres have come under scrutiny for their approach to job applications, as research reveals that jobseekers are being forced to apply for roles they are not suited for. This tactic, driven by a focus on meeting job application targets, ultimately leads to wasted time for both jobseekers and employers.

The ABC Approach: Any Job, Better Job, Career

DWP’s Jobcentre Plus service follows an approach called “Any Job, Better Job, Career” (ABC), which encourages jobseekers to apply for any paid role, preferably full-time, before seeking a better job. Failure to follow this approach could result in benefits being cut. However, researchers argue that this approach reinforces insecure and poor-quality work and is counterproductive.

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A Single Mother Struggle

The impact of DWP’s approach is evident in the story of Sandrine Mpongo, a single mother who was unemployed for two years due to the high cost of childcare and the inflexibility of work coaches at the Jobcentre. Despite her limitations, she was pushed to apply for full-time roles that did not align with her childcare needs.

A Flawed System

To be eligible for Jobseekers benefits from the DWP, claimants are required to prove they are taking “reasonable steps to look for work,” which often entails spending 35 hours a week on job applications, regardless of suitability. Researchers argue that this approach hinders rather than helps jobseekers, especially in an economy facing workforce challenges.

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A Call for Change

The IPPR report calls for a reevaluation of the DWP’s approach, emphasizing the need to ensure that everyone can access meaningful assistance in finding suitable jobs that align with their circumstances and qualifications.

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