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Does NSFAS Fund You If You Fail Three Modules ? Here’s What You Need to Know



Does NSFAS Fund You If You Fail Three Modules ? Here's What You Need to Know

Underprivileged tertiary students have been able to complete their studies for years thanks to NSFAS student funding. There are also measures in place to ensure that students can still receive funding if they fail their chosen course.

Does NSFAS Fund You If You Fail Three Modules ? Here’s What You Need to Know

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides funding assistance to thousands of students studying at universities and TVET colleges throughout the country.In order to keep their funding, benefiting students must maintain a certain pass rate.

As a result, the question arises as to whether the scheme will continue to fund a student if they fail three modules. Yes, NSFAS will continue to provide funding assistance.

Nonetheless, according to the scheme’s funding policy agreement, students must pass 50% of their modules and still meet their institution’s admission requirements to keep their funding.If a student fails a course, NSFAS maintains this funding condition through its N+1 rule.

Additionally, the N+ is not based on the number of years a student has received funding assistance, but rather on the number of years the student has been registered to study at any of the country’s public universities.

For those who qualify, NSFAS funding covers tuition fees, student accommodation, study materials, meal allowances, and transportation costs.

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