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Disability Benefits Louisiana Woman Steals Almost $65,000 From Deceased Brother



Disability Benefits Louisiana Woman Steals Almost $65,000 From Deceased Brother

Disability Benefits Louisiana Woman Steals Almost $65000 From Deceased Brother. The funds, provided by Social Security, were intended to support individuals with disabilities. The perpetrator had been unlawfully taking these benefits for several years.In 2023 What Will Be the Maximum Social Security Retirement Benefit? 

Legal Consequences and Restitution

Upon discovery by federal prosecutors, the woman will face imprisonment and is required to repay the full amount stolen, which exceeds $65,000.

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Duration of the Fraudulent Activity

According to court documents, the woman continued to steal her brother’s disability benefits until November 2020. Over the course of seven years and one month, she managed to unlawfully obtain a total of $64,059. The offender, a 62-year-old residing in Oakdale, Louisiana, began receiving the funds in October 2013, just a month after her brother’s passing.

Type of Benefits and Reporting Fraud

It is important to note that the disability benefits in question were Supplemental Security Income (SSI), rather than Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Despite the Social Security Administration being alerted to the recipient’s passing, they were unable to recover the stolen funds since the woman had already spent them. Individuals who suspect fraud can report it to the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General through their fraud hotline at 1-800-269-0271 or online on the OIG SSA website.

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Misuse of Funds and Legal Outcome

The woman had utilized the stolen disability benefits at local stores, primarily in Alexandria. Ultimately, she pleaded guilty to the charges, leading to an eight-month prison sentence. It was revealed that she not only took SSI funds but also a $1,200 Economic Impact Relief check to which her deceased brother was entitled.

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