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Direct Payment Worth $914 Arrives in 17 Days From Social Security



Direct Payment Worth $914 Arrives in 17 Days From Social Security

Direct Payment Worth $914 Arrives in 17 Days From Social Security.The Social Security Administration has announced the next installment of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment, providing crucial support to beneficiaries. Scheduled for release in just 17 days, on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, this payment marks the first disbursement since June, as there were no payments in July. The unique scheduling arrangement in June resulted in two payments, with July’s payment being issued at the end of June.

Direct Payment Worth $914 Arrives in 17 Days From Social Security

The adjusted payment schedule ensures that beneficiaries continue to receive 12 checks annually, despite variations in the number of payments in different months. In 2023, there are four months—March, June, September, and December—when two payments will be delivered in the same month. This arrangement is due to the occurrence of weekends and holidays. Specifically, weekends in April, July, and October, as well as the New Year’s Day holiday, affect the payment schedule.

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Variation in Benefit Amounts

The amount of money beneficiaries receive varies depending on their filing status. Individuals who file for benefits receive a maximum monthly payment of up to $914. Eligible couples may receive up to $1,371, while essential persons, who provide necessary care to individuals receiving SSI payments and reside with them, receive a monthly payment of up to $458. It’s important to note that not all recipients receive the maximum payout.

Qualifying for SSI Payments

To be eligible for SSI, individuals must meet specific criteria. This includes being over 65 years old, meeting financial requirements, being partially blind, or having physical or mental conditions that significantly limit daily activities for at least 12 months or are expected to result in death. SSI payments are separate from regular Social Security benefits received by retirees.

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History of SSI Payments and Cost-of-Living Adjustments

SSI payments were first introduced by the Social Security Administration in January 1974. Since 1975, payment rates have increased periodically to account for cost-of-living adjustments (COLA). Based on June’s data, it is anticipated that the COLA for 2024 will approximate a 3% increase. This adjustment aims to align benefit amounts with the rising cost of living.

The upcoming SSI payment serves as a critical resource for beneficiaries, providing essential financial support to individuals who meet the necessary qualifications.

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