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Controversial ANC Advert Featuring SASSA Sparks Outrage on Social Media



Controversial ANC Advert Featuring SASSA Sparks Outrage on Social Media

Controversial ANC Advert Featuring SASSA Sparks Outrage on Social Media. The African National Congress (ANC) recently released a new advertising campaign that involves the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) grant system. However, this move has ignited a wave of criticism on X (formerly Twitter).

Misleading Impression of ANC Responsibility for Sassa Grants

The advert, crafted by the ANC, conveys a message of commitment to the well-being of the people, emphasizing impactful social grants and encouraging a visit to local voting stations. Nonetheless, X users argue that the advert creates a misleading impression by implying that the ANC is directly responsible for Sassa grant payments, which is not the case.

Accusations of Manipulating Vulnerable Voters

Critics on X are accusing the political party of strategically misrepresenting the relationship between the ANC and Sassa. Some users suggest that the ANC is attempting to lure vulnerable voters into believing that supporting the party is crucial for maintaining their grant payments.

One user expressed their frustration on X, stating, “Putting up a SASSA card on the ANC logo. Just to confuse the illiterate & the ignorant to think SASSA GRANTS are favors from the ANC.”

Clarification on Sassa Funding and Beneficiaries

In response to the controversy, users on X are emphasizing the need for accurate information. They assert that Sassa is funded by taxpayers’ money, not the ANC. Regardless of the political party in power, beneficiaries would still receive their funds, according to user Jasmine (@glacier_heart).

Another user urged the public to be cautious, stating, “please note that SASSA is not being paid by the ANC, it is South African taxpayers who pay for SASSA. Even if we were to vote ANC out, SASSA beneficiaries would still receive their funds.”

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