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Chronic Payout System Glitches Plague Social Grant Beneficiaries



Chronic Payout System Glitches Plague Social Grant Beneficiaries

Chronic Payout System Glitches Plague Social Grant Beneficiaries. In a recent interview with Thandi Henkeman, the Western Cape Regional Officer at Black Sash, concerns were raised about the persistent challenges faced by social grant beneficiaries. Despite some recent assurances, glitches in the payout system continue to disrupt the timely disbursement of funds to those in need.

Last Week Delay Due to Postbank Technical Glitch

Last week, a delay in payouts was attributed to a technical glitch on the side of Postbank, leading to a system outage. This unfortunate incident left thousands of beneficiaries frustrated and in desperate need of their funds.

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Reassurance from Postbank Spokesperson

Bongani Diako, the spokesperson for Postbank, later confirmed that access to all ATM Sassa grant transactions had been fully restored, assuring beneficiaries that they could now receive their money without further hindrance.

Persistent Issues and Beneficiary Suffering

Despite these assurances, the problems with the payout system persist, and social grant beneficiaries continue to endure hardships. One of the key concerns highlighted by Henkeman is the lack of effective communication from authorities, leaving beneficiaries in the dark about the status of their grants.

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Misleading Notifications Compound the Problem

Over the weekend, many beneficiaries received notifications from Postbank indicating that their grants were available for retrieval. However, when they arrived at the payout locations, they were disappointed to find that they were still unable to access their funds. This misleading information further exacerbated the frustrations of those relying on these grants.

Department of Social Development Responsibility

Henkeman emphasizes that it is the responsibility of the Department of Social Development to implement effective mechanisms ensuring that beneficiaries receive their full grants promptly and with dignity. The persistent technical issues and communication breakdowns underline the urgent need for systemic improvements to better serve those who depend on social grants for their livelihoods.

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