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Central Scotland Tax Credits Transition to Universal Credit



Central Scotland Tax Credits Transition to Universal Credit

Central Scotland Tax Credits Transition to Universal Credit. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has unveiled its latest initiative for residents of Central Scotland currently relying on Tax Credits. In the upcoming month of October, these individuals will be receiving important letters, inviting them to transition to Universal Credit. This move is part of the UK Government’s ongoing effort to modernize the welfare system, specifically targeting recipients of Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits.

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Discovery Phase for Tax Credit Couples

To ensure a smooth transition for couples receiving Tax Credits, the DWP is implementing a “small-scale discovery phase.” This phase aims to learn and adapt, ensuring that couples can effectively claim Universal Credit. Following this, the DWP intends to expand this approach to include other legacy benefit combinations, all in preparation for transitioning households with different legacy combinations by March 2025.

Critical Deadline for Tax Credits Claimants in Scotland

Tax Credits recipients in Scotland are strongly advised not to miss the deadline indicated in the managed migration letter for applying for Universal Credit. Failing to meet this deadline may affect various Social Security Scotland benefits, including Scottish Child Payment, Best Start Foods, Best Start Grants, and Funeral Support Payment.

Impact on Eight Scottish Government Schemes

The change to Universal Credit will have repercussions on eight Scottish Government schemes:

  1. Best Start Grants: Pregnancy and Baby Payment, Early Learning Payment, and School Age Payment
  2. Best Start Foods
  3. Scottish Child Payment
  4. Funeral Support Payment
  5. Free school meals from Primary 6 onwards
  6. Early Learning Childcare for eligible two-year-olds
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Guide for Transitioning to Universal Credit

To assist with the migration process, individuals can refer to the ‘Universal Credit if you receive a Migration Notice letter’ guide available on the GOV.UK website, which offers a step-by-step explanation of the transition process.

Entitlement Changes

Initial estimates from the DWP suggest that out of one million Working Tax Credits or Child Tax Credits recipients set to transition, approximately 700,000 may receive a higher entitlement on Universal Credit. Conversely, around 300,000 may experience a lower entitlement. However, 100,000 Tax Credits claimants are expected to receive transitional protection, ensuring that their benefits remain unchanged during the transition.

End of Tax Credits

It’s important to note that Tax Credits will cease, even for those who choose not to claim Universal Credit. Individuals are encouraged to apply for Universal Credit as soon as possible if it suits their circumstances, but they should seek independent advice to assess the financial implications.

Migration Process Overview

The migration process from legacy benefits to Universal Credit offers three pathways as outlined in the DWP’s ‘2022-24 strategy for implementing the final phase of Universal Credit’:

  1. Natural migration – triggered by a change in circumstances
  2. Voluntary migration – chosen by claimants
  3. Managed migration – initiated by the DWP
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Estimates on Entitlement Changes

The DWP estimates the following changes in entitlements for various claimants:

Higher entitlement after transitioning to Universal Credit:

  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants: 600,000
  • Tax Credits (Working and Child) claimants: 700,000
  • Total, including other legacy benefits: 1.4 million

Lower entitlement after transitioning to Universal Credit:

  • ESA claimants: 500,000
  • Tax Credits (Working and Child) claimants: 300,000
  • Total, including other legacy benefits: 900,000

No change after transitioning to Universal Credit:

  • ESA claimants: 100,000
  • Income Support: 100,000
  • Total, including other legacy benefits: 300,000
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Transitional Protection

Approximately 400,000 ESA and 100,000 Tax Credits claimants will receive transitional protection, safeguarding their benefits from reduction during the transition. However, it’s essential to note that the value of this protection will gradually decrease as any annual increase in Universal Credit is deducted from it.

Help to Claim

Claimants can apply for Universal Credit online, contact the dedicated Universal Credit Migration Notice helpline at 0800 169 0328, or visit their local jobcentre. For those needing additional assistance, Citizens Advice Scotland’s Help to Claim service offers free, confidential, and impartial advice, including a step-by-step guide to the application process.

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