Cautionary Alert: No SASSA Loans Available

Cautionary Alert: No SASSA Loans Available

Cautionary Alert: No SASSA Loans Available. The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is issuing a warning to social grant beneficiaries amidst a growing number of complaints related to fraudulent activities. Scammers are targeting vulnerable individuals, posing as Sassa officials on social media platforms and employing deceptive tactics to exploit grant beneficiaries.

Deceptive Tactics: Beware of “Sassa Loans” Scam

Sassa has uncovered a concerning trend where scammers are utilizing a misleading website named “Sassa Loans.” This deceptive site mimics Sassa’s colors and logo to create a false sense of authenticity, tricking grant beneficiaries into relinquishing their grant money. The fraudsters have gone as far as creating a fake website, “sassa loans (,” falsely claiming to offer loans to Sassa grant recipients.

Fake Website Alert: “sassa loans (”

One tactic employed by scammers involves the use of a fake website, “sassa loans (,” falsely claiming to provide loans to Sassa grant beneficiaries. Sassa emphasizes that this website is not affiliated with the agency in any way, and the official Sassa website does not offer loans to beneficiaries.

Vigilance Required

“Sassa Loans (” is a fraudulent entity, and the public is urged to exercise caution when approached by individuals claiming to represent Sassa and offering loans on social media platforms. These impostors skillfully create an illusion of legitimacy, underscoring the importance for beneficiaries to remain vigilant.

Official Channels Only

It is crucial for the public to understand that “sassa loans (” is not affiliated with Sassa. The official Sassa website is distinct, and the agency does not provide any form of loans to beneficiaries. In response to the rising issue, Sassa stresses the importance of obtaining information through official channels.

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If beneficiaries are uncertain or suspicious about any messages, it is strongly recommended to visit the nearest local Sassa office for clarity or contact the official SASSA toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11.

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