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Can You Receive Disability Benefits with Earnings Exceeding $60,000?



Can You Receive Disability Benefits with Earnings Exceeding $60,000?

Can You Receive Disability Benefits with Earnings Exceeding $60,000?. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has established income thresholds for individuals receiving SSDI disability benefits. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of these limits and what they mean for beneficiaries.

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Returning to Work with Disability Benefits

The SSA offers programs designed to assist individuals on disability benefits in transitioning back to the workforce. However, participation in these programs is contingent upon one’s ability and willingness to attempt a return to work.

The Trial Work Period

One such program is the Trial Work Period, allowing SSDI recipients to evaluate their capacity to work for a span of nine months. During this period, the SSA ensures that beneficiaries continue to receive their disability benefits, irrespective of the earnings they generate, provided they meet specific criteria.

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Meeting the Requirements for Earnings during the Trial Period

To cash disability benefits and supplement them with earnings during the Trial Work Period, two crucial prerequisites must be met:

  1. Continued Disability: First and foremost, the individual must still be classified as disabled by the SSA.
  2. Reporting Work and Additional Income: It is imperative to notify the SSA when commencing work and when receiving additional income.

Income Limits for SSDI in 2023

To retain disability benefits beyond the Trial Work Period, beneficiaries must adhere to income limits set for 2023:

  • $1,470 per Month: Individuals with disabilities can earn up to $1,470 per month for 36 months during the extended period of eligibility.

For those who exceed these limits, their disability benefits may be jeopardized. However, it is important to note that blind individuals have a higher earnings cap, permitting them to earn up to $2,460 per month.

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The $60,000 Threshold

The central question addressed in this article pertains to the possibility of receiving disability benefits while earning more than $60,000 annually. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to cash disability benefits and simultaneously earn an annual income exceeding $60,000.


Individuals with disabilities may earn approximately $17,400 in a year, while blind individuals have a somewhat higher threshold, allowing them to earn up to approximately $29,520 per year. Nevertheless, both groups must adhere to the 36-month limit during the extended period of eligibility to maintain their disability benefits.

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