CAIP Changes 2024 | Exploring Anticipated Modifications in Climate Action Incentive Payment

CAIP Changes 2024 | Exploring Anticipated Modifications in Climate Action Incentive Payment

CAIP Changes 2024 | Exploring Anticipated Modifications in Climate Action Incentive Payment. The Climate Action Incentive Payment (CAIP) program, designed to alleviate the financial burden of federal pollution pricing for Canadians, is set to undergo changes in 2024. These changes encompass various aspects of the program, including payment frequency, eligibility criteria, and specific alterations in different provinces.

CAIP Program Highlights

Eligibility Criteria

Canadian citizens residing in CAIP-applicable provinces are eligible to receive CAIP. The recipients must be at least 19 years old in the month preceding the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) quarterly payments. Eligibility is determined through the information provided in the tax return filed by individuals.

Payment Details

Starting from July 2022, CAIP payments transitioned from an annual refundable credit to a tax-free quarterly payment. Payments are issued on the 15th day of January, October, July, and April. If a holiday falls on the 15th day, the payment is processed on the preceding working day.

Additional Supplement

Residents of CAIP-applicable provinces, excluding Prince Edward Island, can apply for an additional 10% supplement by responding to a question on the income tax and benefit return’s page 2.

Anticipated Changes in CAIP for 2024

Payment Schedule

Changes in the federal fuel charge have impacted payment schedules in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick. Residents in these provinces can expect adjustments in quarterly payments, with double payments in certain periods.

Official Communication

The Canadian government is expected to provide detailed information about changes in payment amounts and dates for CAIP in 2024 through its official website.

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Payment Amounts for CAIP

The amount individuals can receive under CAIP depends on family situations and the province of residence. Each province has different basic amounts for individuals, spouses/common-law partners, and children under 19.

Province Individual Spouse/Common-law Partner Each Child Under 19 1st Child in a Single-Parent Family Payment Date
Alberta 193 dollars 96.50 dollars 48.25 dollars 96.50 dollars April 2023/July 2023/October 2023/January 2024
Manitoba 132 dollars 66 dollars 33 dollars 66 dollars
Ontario 122 dollars 61 dollars 30.50 dollars 61 dollars
Saskatchewan 170 dollars 85 dollars 42.50 dollars 85 dollars
Newfoundland and Labrador 164 dollars 82 dollars 41 dollars 82 dollars July 2023/October 2023/January 2024
Nova Scotia 124 dollars 62 dollars 31 dollars 62 dollars
Prince Edward Island 120 dollars 60 dollars 30 dollars 60 dollars
New Brunswick 92 dollars 46 dollars 23 dollars 46 dollars October 2023/January 2024


As the CAIP undergoes changes in 2024, Canadians are encouraged to stay informed about the modifications, payment schedules, and eligibility criteria to ensure they continue to benefit from this climate action initiative.

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